Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Not a superhero run

I had a slow start this morning. I slept in, drank coffee and worked on some blog things. It was really nice!

Buddy cried like a big fat baby while Tom was out front changing to his winter tires. He's obsessed. Seriously.

I dragged him with me to the basement while I ran so he would stop crying at the front door.

Today's run was not a superhero run. I did not feel awesome, I did not want to run forever. I wanted to stop. Nothing was hurting, I just wasn't feeling it. 

I ended up doing 6.25 miles at an 8:54 pace. I'll take it. The usual Gilmore Girls kept me company.

I brought Buddy's bed in, but he decided to lay next to it rather than on it. He's a smart dog.

Tom bought some protein powder the other day. I've been "borrowing" some after my runs because I'm pretty sure that I don't get as much protein in my diet as I should.

We hit the grocery store tonight. It was a little busy, partially because we're supposed to get a bunch of snow tomorrow (which makes everyone freak out) and partially because of Thanksgiving.

I also found this:

I can't help myself. It's going to be delicious. And I don't even have to share, because Tom doesn't like malted milk balls. Weirdo.

Our winter storm warning didn't magically disappear.

Tom's really excited for the snow. I'm undecided.


  1. I'm with Tom, snow is cool. We are finally getting cold, now we need a little precipitation.

    1. We already have a little over half an inch on the ground. They're saying 3-6 inches now.

  2. I'm really impressed that you were still able to run over 6 miles if you weren't feeling it! I'm such a wimp on the treadmill. It's way too easy to push stop. I'm currently ticked off at Gilmore Girls because LUKE and LORELAE just broke up. Geez. Logan can stay in Paris for all I care but Luke needs to come back! :)

    1. I hate when Luke gets all moody!

      I really want to hit that 1,000 mile mark for the year! It trumps my whiny/lazy days! :)


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