Friday, November 28, 2014

Runner Holiday Gift Guide 2014

I'm not going shopping today. Becky + pushy crowds is not a fun combination. So instead, I thought I would give you some gift ideas for the runner in your life (or to give the non-runner in your life some ideas).

Socks - You can never have enough socks. My current favorites are my Balega socks.

Tom got them for me for Christmas last year, and they're always the first ones I wear after laundry day. I want to try out these Pro Compression Runner socks one of these days, too!

Arm Warmers - Ok, so these are more fall/spring gear, perfect for those in-between weather days where you don't want a coat but it's too cold for a tank top, but they would make excellent stocking stuffers! These Oiselle Arm Warmers would do the trick - and they're SO soft!

Lip Balm - Not everyone is as addicted to lip balm as I am, but it's wintry and cold out, no one likes chapped lips! Plus make sure to get one with SPF because the sun is still out there, even on cloudy days.

Shoes - do they have a favorite? Most runners have a favorite brand/shoe. Do a little spy work and make sure to get the right size. My favorite right now are my Mizuno Wave Sayonaras.

There's always gift cards if you're not sure.

Snacks/Fuel - Runners love snacks. That's a proven fact, and hello stocking stuffers! I know you see them crammed in your cabinets, everyone has their favorites. My favorite fuel right now includes NuunGU, and Clif shot bloks.

Seriously, pretty much every runner I know would be happy with an edible gift!

GPS Watch - For as basic as our actual needs are for running, runners love gadgets! Right now I have the Garmin Forerunner 10. It's pretty basic, but it works really well and gives me the stats that I really need.

I currently have my eye on the TomTom Runner Cardio which has an integrated heart rate monitor (no chest strap!) and all the stats I could possibly ask for.

Also: Pro Compression just came out with compression tights today! I'm just saying...

What's on your wish list?

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  1. Wow! All the gifts are outstanding! Thanks a lot for giving these beautiful ideas about the best gift for runners. Thanks for the nudge!


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