Thursday, November 13, 2014

Running faster, Buddy's a weirdo, and the last Bueno

Aside from my run, it was a pretty lazy day today.

We had a slow morning with lots of coffee and talked about the house. We don't have the official report from the home inspector yet, and there are definitely more things that need doing than we knew about before, but it hasn't scared us off yet. There's so much potential with that house, and the 35 acres of property it's on aren't too bad either!

If we end up buying it, it will be a lot of work, and money, but it could ultimately be a really cool house.

I ran seven miles on the treadmill this afternoon. I was pretty psyched that I was able to maintain an 8:53 pace and it felt reasonable. I still marvel at how much faster I can run now and it doesn't feel like as much effort.

Today's run brings me up to a little over 46 miles for the month - 80 in November is looking more than achievable.

Buddy's a weirdo.

At Christmas last year, Tom bought me a case of Kinder Buenos because they're the best.

I rationed them pretty well, but I'm finally down to my last one. I'll have to save it for a day I really need it.

Dinner tonight was inspired by this recipe. Um, shrimp, sausage, squash, onions and peppers? How could you go wrong?

You couldn't.


  1. Your dinner looks yummy! Congrats on your fast run!

    1. It was super tasty, and really quick to put together too!

  2. Your dinner looks amazing! I'm hungry now!

    1. It was SO good! There were no leftovers! :)


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