Sunday, November 2, 2014

#RunWithKara Success!

Happy Sunday!

We had a pretty slow morning (thank you extra hour of sleep!), watched a bunch of the NYC Marathon (how amazing are the elites?!), and did a quick clean of the house for a showing this afternoon.

Tom and Buddy hung out in the big shared yard while people looked at the house, and I headed off to Rockefeller Preserve to knock out the last miles of my marathon challenge.

Apparently the people only looked at the house for about 5 minutes. Probably safe to say we won't be getting an offer from them.

My car wouldn't start (thanks battery), so I took the Jeep instead.

It's a little different than driving my car. I get some really funny looks when I climb out of it - people don't expect me to be driving something like that!

I don't know if you watched the NYC Marathon this morning, but we had similar weather up our way. The wind was crazy! I was on mile 3 when I saw some branches the size of my leg that had fallen on the trail. I stuck to the more open trails after that and kept an eye out for any falling branches.

I didn't see/hear any.

My mileage seems to have caught up with me this week. I spent most of my run with a tightness/cramp in the arch of my foot. I actually stopped, took my shoe off and massaged it a bit in the middle of my run.

I managed to push through the wind and ignore my foot long enough to finish up the last few miles I needed to complete the challenge.


Tom is amazing and had already replaced the battery in my car by the time I got home. He's nice like that :)

Did you watch the NYC Marathon? Have you ever run it?


  1. Congrats on meeting the challenge! A big thanks to Tom for taking such good care of you!

  2. I can't believe how windy it has been here too! I can't complain too much thought cus the weather has been pretty mild up till this point.

    1. The wind was crazy yesterday! We have had really good weather lately, I've heard winter is supposed to be worse than last year though :(

  3. Congrats on the challenge! I didn't get to see the marathon (I was running with my running group) but I read and watched the post run interviews etc. I've never run NY but would like to one day...after I get through most of my marathon bucket list :)

    1. Thanks! :) There are SO many marathons and 1/2s out there, it's hard to narrow it down to just a few!


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