Friday, December 26, 2014

Buddy's hiding and I cleaned the oven

I cleaned the glass on the oven door today. I don't really know why (other than the fact that it was dirty, but that's never inspired me before), but it's really clean now!

It's kind of hard to tell just how dirty this was, since I didn't think to take a picture until I had already started. I made a paste out of baking soda and water and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then I scrubbed and scrubbed and SCRUBBED.

And now it looks like this:

So pretty!

I did an easy 4 miles while I watched part of a documentary about Burt of Burt's Bees (It's called Burt's Buzz). It's pretty interesting so far, I needed a break from Gilmore Girls - I've only seen every episode 10+ times.

I also spent some time playing with the resistance bands I bought Tom for Christmas. :)

Buddy has been hiding on the side of the couch because Tom has the oven on and he's sure the smoke alarm will go off at any moment.

Crazy, neurotic dog.

I'm still figuring out all the nifty features of my new gps watch. I haven't used it outside yet, so I'm looking forward to taking it out on my group run tomorrow. Now I just have to try not to stay up way too late like I do every other Friday night.


What shows/movies have you watched WAY too many times?

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  1. wow, your oven door looks awesome. Sorry those things excite me:)

  2. I did the self-clean oven thing right before Thanksgiving but the door glass did not come out well. I need to follow your lead on this. Buddy may be neurotic but he sure is cute! We have two dogs, a wonderful one and a needy, neurotic one. They balance each other out, I guess.

    1. The glass is really a pain to get clean, but it looks nice once it's done!


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