Monday, December 29, 2014

I'm Smart Like That

Hi! How's your Monday treating you?

Don't hate me, but I slept in. Not working makes it so you don't hate Mondays. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be back on the Monday-hating bandwagon again soon.

It was sunny out today, so Buddy was busy following the sun around the house. Usually he lays down behind this curtain, but was confused since it was open today.

I feel like everyone updates their blogs on Monday, I had TONS to read this morning!

It took me forever to get moving today, but I finally hit the basement for a couple of miles.

I used my run as a warm-up and spent some time on Gigabody doing the Ballet Body workout again. It's a good mix of strength training and stretching, neither of which I normally do. I'm pretty much constantly saying I should do something other than run and then I just go running.

I'm smart like that.

How have I never tried a Quest bar before?

Tom got me a special holiday RunnerBox for Christmas, and there was a Quest bar in it. I have read several blogs that go on and on about how wonderful they are, but haven't ever tried them - until today.

This cookies and cream Quest bar might be the best protein bar ever. To the point where I may actually make a trip down to GNC to pick some up.

I was really sad when it was gone, and I was happy to see that it isn't full of strange chemicals and things. Apparently people also cook things with Quest bars. Seems like a lot of work when it's so delicious on its own.

In an effort to make the dog less stressed, we decided to run the self-clean function on the oven. Hopefully that will make the smoke alarm chill out - time will tell.

Have you had Quest bars before? Other favorite protein bars?


  1. You might want to open some windows while you self-clean the oven! Mine gets really smoky (although it would help if I didn't let it get so dirty before I cleaned it LOL). Maybe it's time for Buddy to walk!

    1. Haha - yeah we took down the smoke alarm, opened a window and turned on the bathroom fans while it was on. We also went to watch a movie in the basement part of the time because it didn't smell very good. It looks pretty clean now though! :)


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