Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's kind of inevitable

Happy Saturday!

I hope you're having a great weekend so far and haven't had to venture out and deal with the last-minute shopping madness.

Friday was pretty uneventful around here. I ran, I did dishes, harassed the dog - the usual.

I got to try out my new tank top from Sweat Pink - it's really soft!

I was up too late on Friday night, hanging out and drinking eggnog, so 6:45 felt even earlier than usual this morning.

Pre-run breakfast was coffee and an English muffin with peanut butter. It's my go-to meal before a run or a race.

For some reason, it felt extra cold this morning. My face was numb for about half the run. We were pretty speedy today, we averaged an 8:48 minute pace for around 6.5 miles. It was a really good run! And I fell. It's kind of inevitable if you spend enough time on the trails. We've all done it.

We were about half a mile away from finishing when my toe caught on a tree root. I impressively managed to hit both knees, my right hip, forearm and shoulder. I'm not even sure how I was able to hit so many body parts on the ground. A couple of guys from my running group were right there and helped me up, and we were off again. I must have been a little numb from the cold, because things definitely started to hurt more once I got home.

Not my worst injury (you should have seen some of the ones from roller derby), but not fun either.

I was also very popular this morning because I brought some eggnog cookies for everyone.

I watched The Book Thief this afternoon. It's a total crying movie - and if you haven't read the book, you totally should.

Now I'm being festive drinking White Christmas tea and watching Die Hard (It's totally a Christmas movie).

What's your favorite Christmas movie?

Any good falling stories?


  1. Ouch! I have lots of falling stories, but you've already heard them:) Hope you heal up fast.

  2. OUCH! I'm sorry you fell! That looks painful. :( I can't believe how fast you run trails. That's amazing. I have a hard time holding your pace on the roads for too long, and trails slow me down another minute a mile at least! How did I not know you used to do roller derby? I have another friend who did that too, and now she's also a runner!

    1. Definitely a little sore from the fall today, but on the bright side, everything that hit the ground was covered with clothes - so it could have been much worse. I have a hard time keeping that pace without other runners around, I would slow down a lot on some of those hills if they weren't there! I did roller derby for a year and a half when I lived in Kodiak (pre-blog), it was a lot of fun, but I saw a lot of bad injuries.


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