Monday, December 8, 2014

Peanut Brittle: Round 2

Sunday started off strong. I did dishes, laundry, filled the dog food, bought dish soap, ran, wrapped some Christmas presents and cut a box apart to make it a smaller size (Brian, if you read this, please excuse the really weird box when it gets there).

Then I had lunch and didn't want to move again.

I didn't want to run. I mean, I wanted to run, but it was one of those days where it's really hard to get started. I ended up running 3.5 miles and feeling infinitely better when I was done. As usual.

I have been dropping everything lately. My phone, a coffee mug (with coffee in it), the cap for the milk, the remote - nothing is safe in my hands. Surprisingly, nothing has actually broken yet, but if the trend continues, it's only a matter of time.

Round 2 of peanut brittle was MUCH more successful!

Look how golden and delicious it is!

I paid more attention to the color of the sugar this time around, and I'm really happy with how it turned out! Now I just have to try not to eat it all.

Today's run was going to be a longer one. That was the plan. So of course, nothing went right. My shoes were bugging me, so I swapped them for another pair. I took it as an opportunity to pull my new PureFlows out of their box - they've been in the closet for months!

It still didn't feel right. Nothing felt bad, just off. I took more breaks than I would like to admit, but after 6 miles (of warm up?) I finally felt good and polished off my 7th mile feeling great. Bodies are weird.

65.2 miles until I hit 1,000 miles for the year!


  1. You and Buddy look comfortable on the couch and your peanut brittle looks yummy!

    1. Thanks! Watching the timing at the end really made a big difference!

  2. How on earth did you keep brand new shoes in the closet for so long w/out trying them out? That's will power!! Bummer about the "off" run. At least your last mile was okay. Sometimes we just need a 6-mile warm-up! :) The peanut brittle looks delicious!

    1. I have no idea how I left those shoes in the closet for so long, possibly I forgot they were in there for a little while!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm pretty excited to hit 1,000 miles - definitely a first for me! :)


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