Sunday, December 21, 2014

Snow and some race research

It tried to snow here this morning. It was really pretty, but it stuck to my car and that's pretty much it.

Like my dead tomato plant stick? I should probably pull that out or something...

Tom laughed at me because I wore my coat to the basement for my run this afternoon. It was cold down there!

It's possible I tweaked my problem ankle when I fell yesterday, because for the first time, I could feel it when I was running today. Not bad, but the fact that I could feel it at all isn't the best news. I did an easy 2 miles and called it good.

I completely forgot that I had Tiger Balm in the medicine cabinet. I put some on my ankle, maybe that will help a bit.

I've been doing a little race research, trying to find some races I want to do next year. Right now I'm looking at 3 half marathons (I don't like racing every weekend - I like having a race every few months), and...a marathon?!? It's a distinct possibility.

I'm planning on putting my name in for the NYC marathon in January when the lottery opens up (Jan 15th) because I think it would be a crazy/awesome first marathon (crowd support alone), so we'll see how that goes. I'm also looking at a couple in Pennsylvania and one up in central NY as options if I don't get NYC.


  1. Good ole tiger balm. That stuff is a complete miracle worker! Hopefully your ankle starts feeling better soon.

    1. Thanks! I think it's one of those things where I might have to take a break or something. I've heard that's good for injuries ;)

  2. Tell Tom that I wear my coat in the basement all the time! :D I always wear just a sports bra on the TM but it's too cold to stand it for one second in the winter, so I wear my coat until I get warmed up. Good luck choosing a half marathon! :) There are SO many to choose from these days. Maybe a destination race! :)

    And from the post after this one--I'm laughing so hard at Buddy & the fire alarm. Even though that's kind of mean of me because he was tortured all day by it! Our dog hates the fire alarms too but she's not smart enough to realize where the sound is coming from.

    1. There are a ridiculous number of races to choose from! A destination race would be awesome :)

      Buddy and the smoke alarm is hilarious to me too - I feel bad because he gets himself all worked up about it (and shakes), but it's so funny! We figured based on when Tom left the house and when I got home that he only had to be alone with it going off for an hour at the most.


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