Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The time I accidentally ran 11 miles

I had a super busy/productive day today!

This morning I headed to the post office to get Christmas packages mailed off. I had all but one ready to go, but I wanted to get them shipped before I cut it too close.

After I got home, I went through the fridge and got rid of all the gross things. I didn't think you'd want a picture of that. Getting rid of gross things also meant taking out the trash and doing some dishes. I even took out all the recycling!

I hit the basement to run and watch Annie, because I keep seeing previews for the new Annie and getting irritated. I'm not a big fan of remakes. I mean, how are you supposed to improve on Albert Finney, Carol Burnett, Tim Curry and Bernadette Peters?

I planned on doing at least 6 miles, but I was enjoying the movie, and it turned into 7, then 8, then....11. I sort of accidentally ran 11 miles, and yes, I know that sounds crazy.

My hair gets all curly when I run.

Since I ran more than I intended, I decided to brave an ice bath.

It was really cold. In case you weren't sure.

This is my new favorite snack:

It's an English muffin with Laughing Cow cheese and salami on top. Really good.

I had one last thing I needed before I could send off my mom's Christmas box, and it was delivered while I was running. So, I wrapped it up and headed back to the post office. I have officially mailed all of my Christmas packages!

Now I'm watching a Bones marathon on tv and sitting with my feet up until it's time to start dinner.


  1. Wow, you really mailed a lot of packages! I did lots of work around the house today too. Now I feel like I can relax and do Christmassy things ( like bake cookies and wrap presents. Congrats on your long run. Hopefully the ice bath helped your muscles. I am SO jealous of your jetted tub! -M

    1. All my family is on the West coast, so I have a lot of packages to mail every year. My ice bath about killed me, but I think it kept me from getting too sore! Cookie baking is definitely on my list too! :)

  2. Oh that BIG box, wow! I can't wait to get it. ;) I have no idea how you accidentally ran 11 miles but that's amazing! I think you can mark this off as a productive day.

    1. Everyone is very impressed with that box - I think it was the angle of the picture! It wasn't even the most expensive to send, the one on top of it was heavier. It was the most fun though, it's for my 3-year old niece :)

    2. It does look pretty impressive in the pic! I bet she will LOVE getting it!


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