Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Truck shopping and Babysitting

The other day, Tom decided that he wanted to buy a truck. Since then, he sold his Subaru, and we've been driving all over the place looking at trucks. Like, 229 miles of all over the place. 

Today we drove down to New Jersey and Tom found the one

He's pretty excited.

I spent some time babysitting a one year old yesterday afternoon. One is so much easier than 12 toddlers! Plus, check out their sweet ball pit:

I squeezed in a short run when I got home. Not my best run ever, but I got it done.

Tonight I had a much better run, just a little longer, but I felt so much stronger and faster than yesterday.

Buddy was really excited for me.

So excited that he wouldn't hold still for me to take his picture.

I'm chipping away at my 1,000 miles goal - 91.6 to go!


  1. It must be nice to have so much support from Buddy in your running! :) You are definitely going to make your mileage goal--awesome!! And very cool new truck! That's definitely a step up from a Subaru.

    1. He had a Subaru WRX which is basically a sports car, so it was pretty cool, but the truck is definitely going to be helpful when we start working on the new house.

      Oh yeah, Buddy is a great cheerleader ;)


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