Monday, January 12, 2015

Buenos for days!

It's rainy and gross out here, which I guess is a nice change from freezing and windy. Maybe the change in weather will make my insanely static-y hair calm down.

Tom is back at work today, so he was up early and out the door. Buddy is so used to having us both home, he's been pouting and ignoring me all day - except for when I was eating cuties, he loves those, so he came to say hi and see if he could mooch a piece or two.

I decided I should be productive today, so I started off my morning with a delicious egg sandwich for fuel.

It was an English muffin with guacamole, eggs, baby spinach and kale - I could eat egg sandwiches every day.

I followed up breakfast with some dishes and then hit the grocery store to grab some things for dinner.

I'm making this slow cooker Creole Chicken and Sausage from Pinch of Yum - if you haven't been on this site, you're missing out, they have some amazing recipes! The slow cooker is bubbling away and the house smells really good!

Dinner in progress:

This strength training business is sticking around (so far) and I hit the basement for another round of Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones. I did it last Monday and was sore for days, hopefully it doesn't last as long this time around. Some exercises felt easier than last week, and some still made me want to fall on the floor and quit - working muscles you don't normally use is hard!

I also added some planks for the Sweat Pink #NoExcuses challenge - day 1 was to do at least a 30 second plank.

I broke open one of my favorite Christmas presents today. Tom's the best. :)

Buenos for days!

The key is to not eat all of them at once ;)

Now I'm off to do some laundry and catch up on some blogs.

Do you ever make egg sandwiches for breakfast? What do you put on them? (I'm always looking for new ideas!)

- My go-to is just eggs and Sriracha - so good!

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  1. I eat an egg & toast almost every day for breakfast. It's the perfect mix of carbs & protein & keeps me full for hours. Good luck not eating all of those bars at once...I would have a hard time resisting!

    1. Aren't eggs the best? Add a little hot sauce and I'm good to go!

      I made last year's case of Buenos last until November - I was impressed with myself ;)

  2. I'm all about eggs with sriacha! ;)

  3. I could eat an egg sandwich everyday! LOVE them! Love adding the guac!

    1. The guac was a beautiful addition - delicious!


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