Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!

Happy New Year! I hope you did something fun last night (note: going to bed early totally counts as fun too)!

We went to a friend's house and had dinner and a Christmas tree bonfire.

Tom made a couple of pan pizzas that were quickly devoured and we spent a while visiting inside (it was COLD out). We (the boys) started the fire around 11. A surprising number of people in nearby neighborhoods had already put their trees out to get picked up by the garbage trucks, so we had 6 trees at our disposal.

Just in case you were wondering, Christmas trees really are a fire hazard - keep 'em watered!

The boys like big fires.

We also released a couple of lanterns.

It was a really nice, laid-back night!

I started my New Years morning with coffee and a protein smoothie. Smoothies might be my new favorite thing...this week.

My running group has a tradition of meeting up at noon on New Years for a group picture and a run (one claim is that the tradition started in 1972, others disagree). Even though I really just wanted to stay in my pajamas and drink more coffee, I got changed and headed out to meet up with them.

The unofficial count was 35(or 37, or 33, it was very unofficial) people - a pretty good turnout considering it was New Years and 32 degrees out! We hit the trails for just under 7 miles and then enjoyed some champagne and orange juice when we were finished. A pretty excellent alternative to sitting at home in my pajamas!

Buddy was on high alert when Tom went to the grocery store today. Any and all sounds were suspect.

He's now hiding from the scary kitchen while Tom makes dinner. Even when I washed the dishes earlier he was acting weird. I hope this is just a phase and he won't just be scared every time we are in the kitchen now.

Did you go for a New Years run today?


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