Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lounging and Cleaning

This is what a lot of Saturday afternoon looked like:

Buddy's a good cuddler for lazy afternoons. Or anytime really.

Today was a rest day for me. My training plan for the West Point Half starts on Monday, so I'd like to start off with some well-rested legs. Plus, rest days are good for you :)

There's something exciting about the start of a new training plan. I like thinking about all the miles I'm going to run. Looking at training plans is always fun, and they make me feel like I'm getting the necessary work done to have a successful race day.

This morning we cleaned the house so someone could come look at it - now we just need someone to make an offer! I always say it, but it's nice when the house is clean.

After the showing we did some serious lounging (Tom and Buddy napped, I still can't nap - I just lay there). Dinner was BLTs with chips and guacamole, and now we're thinking about going watch a movie in the basement.

That's our thrilling weekend, aren't you jealous of our glamorous life? ;)


  1. I actually just blogged today about all the miles I'll be running for my Half training. This is my first ever half, so it was pretty eye opening to add up all the miles each week, then each month, then total! WHOA!
    Yes, rest days are good! :) Your dog is a cutie!

    1. It can be really overwhelming to add them all up beforehand, just like seeing a long run number you've never run before. Having all those miles behind you on race day is such a great reassurance that you are ready to race! :)

  2. Sounds pretty perfect to me. I lounged Saturday as well. Dogs are the best snugglers.

    1. Dogs definitely have lounging mastered! :)


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