Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Red Curry, New Workouts and Fun Mail

I made super tasty red curry for dinner last night. I pretty much followed this recipe and added cooked chicken, broccoli and a bag o spinach.

It's SO good! We eat it over rice and topped with chopped peanuts, green onions and some toasted coconut (because I randomly decided to toast coconut yesterday).

I'm back to my training plan, which means no run today. I have speedwork on Thursday, so I wanted to save my legs. The other day I was reading a blog (I can't remember which one) and they were talking about Fitnessblender

Fitnessblender is another video workout site and as an added bonus: it's completely free! For real.

Since I want to be able to rock my run tomorrow, I didn't want to do anything too crazy today. I ended up finding a core/back workout that was a nice, easy workout. It made me focus more on form and muscle control.

I'm actually thinking about doing this after a run, I think the stretching and core work would make a really nice cool down.

I also did a quick arm workout.

Buddy was more than ready to go upstairs by the time I finished.

I got fun mail today! 

I pretty much live in this purple sweatshirt, so (with the help of a Christmas gift card) I decided to get another one in a different color.

I got this one in black. 

I also grabbed this tank while I was at it.

Merry Christmas to me! 

What's the last fun mail you got?


  1. My last fun mail was over 2 weeks ago - I got a jawbone! Clearly I need some more fun mail! :)

    Running With Infertility

    1. That is fun! I have a fitbit flex, they're such good motivation to get up and move :)


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