Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Shorter Hair and a Scary Elevation Chart

I finally did it. I made an appointment and got my hair cut.

I know you were all wondering. ;)

If I had waited another two months, I would have gone 2 years without a haircut. That's a little extreme.

I managed to not get it cut as short as I sometimes do (I tend to get it cut to my chin and then I hate it after a day or two).

My hairstylist was disturbed by how long I had gone without a hair cut. I was disturbed by the half hour she spent blow drying my hair.

She would have been absolutely horrified to see it an hour after I got home. I had already shoved it up into a ponytail while I let Jillian Michaels yell at me some more (30 day shred this time) before I ran a few easy treadmill miles.

I'm really trying to keep up the strength training (you know, since I've done it twice this week). I know that I need to push through the first few days of feeling sore (really sore) and that if I just stick with it, it will get easier. Thinking about how that added strength will help my running is my main motivation.

It's especially helpful to think of the hills I'm going to face at the West Point Half.

Did I show you this yet?

That's in meters, not feet!

I think I need to go do some more squats or something.

Buddy was trying to get to the sunshine and got tangled in the curtain today.

Good thing he's cute.

Do you run mostly flat races or hilly ones?

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  1. Becky love the cut, super cute. You are going to do great at the Half.

    1. Thanks Lynda! Hopefully I can stick to my training plan so those hills don't take me out! :)

  2. the haircut looks great! super cute! I always have my hubby meet me for dinner after mine so I feel like I got my $$ worth from the blow dry :) Florida is pretty flat were I live- gotta really look for hills here!

    1. Thanks! I wish I had to look for the hills - my only hope for a flat course is if I find a track!


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