Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ice Dodging and Doughnuts

Happy Valentine's Day! I celebrated by eating too many skittles. That's festive, right? Tom is out of town for work, so we'll probably do dinner when he gets home.

Between the weather and my ankle, it's been about a month since I met up with the group to run. This morning I was up bright and early (ew) with about 4 outfit choices because it's been so long since I ran outside that I no longer know how to dress for a run out in the elements.

The elements were cold! I may have made a poor choice with my capris, my shins ended up a little wind burnt, but otherwise it wasn't too bad. You can kind of see the red line where my capris ended.

It was good to get back out there with the group. We had to take some different trails because of snow/ice and there were a few dicey spots (mostly the downhills), but it was fun to run with everyone again. We got in a little under 7 miles in just over an hour. Not too shabby with all the ice dodging.

Right when I got home and sat down with some coffee, the upstairs smoke detector decided it needed a new battery and started to chirp, which started to freak Buddy out. I took a quick trip to the store for batteries and a doughnut (since I was there anyway) so Buddy didn't have to shake with fear any longer than necessary.

Everybody wins!

And since nothing else exciting is going on (if you don't count a bit more snow, which I don't), I'll leave you with a couple of Buddy pictures.

He's kind of weird.

But very cute.

Are you doing anything fun for Valentine's Day?


  1. The V-Day build up was somehow bigger than the day itself. Does that happen every year and I'm only now realizing? I had a great V-Day post-run breakfast with my run group and then went home to sleep the rest of the day away. Just what I needed.

    1. Sounds like an excellent valentine's day to me! :)


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