Monday, February 2, 2015

It Snowed Again

I think we got around 6 inches. All I know is that in parts of the yard, the snow is almost to the tops of my boots now.

Buddy is not a big fan of snow up to his chest.

Our plow guy isn't good at his job.

The dark line is the edge of the road, note the lack of curb next to it.

He's taken chunks out of all the speed bumps in the neighborhood and completely annihilated a long stretch of curb by the mailboxes. Can we get last  year's plow guy? He didn't destroy anything.

I took French in elementary school and college (Spanish in high school - I mix them up, it's exciting) and a few years ago (is 6 years still "a few?") I bought Rosetta Stone French to amuse myself. I go through phases of actually using it. I dug it out of the basement the other day and have been playing with it a bit today.

It's ok to be jealous of my sweet headset.

Some of the voice recognition sucks (especially on some shorter words), which is infuriating frustrating, but otherwise, it's fun. I wish I had bought Spanish, because it's really more useful, but what can you do?

My leg is sore from rolling it yesterday, but otherwise it is feeling good. I rolled more with the stick and spent some time doing yoga this afternoon, so hopefully I will be ready and raring to go on my run tomorrow.

What languages do you speak?


  1. WOW! look at the snow! Buddy looks miffed ! I took Latin in high school- yeah, how useful is that? enjoy and stay warm!

    1. Haha, yeah I guess French is a little more useful than Latin :)

  2. Daughter of Mexican immigrants so I speak Spanish. You're right about it being useful--people approach me all the time here in SoCal and assume that I speak Spanish when they start talking to me.

    I always wanted to learn French though!

    1. I bet you could pick French up more quickly than most people since you're already bi-lingual! :)


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