Thursday, February 12, 2015

On Thursdays, We do Speedwork

Buddy is a professional sad face maker.

I had mile repeats on my training plan for the day, and I was starting to psych myself out, so I started my run sooner rather than later. I was worried about my speed since I've been off lately, but it ended up being a good, if tough, run.

I ran 1 mile warm up, and 3 miles (at 8:00, 7:54 and 7:48) with 800m recovery jogs in between and a 1 mile cool down. 6 miles total in 53:06.

I'm glad I pushed past that feeling of doubt, because now I can go into my next speed work session with a little more confidence!

Sweet basement lighting, no?

Random fact of the day: I bought this hairspray so my hair would be presentable for our dressy dinner back in December, but I use it a lot - to control the frizzies when I run.

It is seriously the only time I use hairspray.

We had some snow flurries this afternoon, but it was actually above freezing, so it was just pretty instead of annoying. I'm ignoring the fact that we have a wind chill advisory overnight and it will be around 5 degrees out tomorrow morning when Buddy needs walking. Seriously, I don't even want to think about it.

Dinner tonight was a repeat of last night because I'm lazy and I had leftovers. Plus it was tasty, so there's that.

Now excuse me while I go watch the temperature drop - it's happening at an alarming rate.

What's the weather like at your house? If it's hot there, you can just lie to me, ok?


  1. It's going to be real cold where I live tomorrow morning too! Brr! I always look forward to Spring about this time of the year! Your dog is adorable, and love the color of your sneaks! :)

    1. Thanks (and Buddy says thank you too)! I will definitely be ready when spring decides to show up - all this ice/snow is wearing out its welcome!

  2. It's not "hot" where I am in Florida (ok I'm lying. Well "technically" I'm only half lying cause I FEEL cold but most normal people would probably agree that it's not really cold). Sometimes I wish I could run on the treadmill but I get dizzy so all my runs are on the road :(
    Stay warm!!!!

    1. Temperature is totally relative - I'm usually freezing and my boyfriend insists it's not that cold. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't run on the treadmill - guess I'd have to buy even more cold weather running gear ;)

  3. We are sunny and in the 40's. Weird Alaska winter.

  4. That Tresseme is the hairspray I use all the time and I love it!


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