Tuesday, February 3, 2015

We Have that in Common

Buddy is getting tired of all this snow. He went straight to his bed this morning after we were outside and didn't get up for two hours. He had his coat on the whole time.

It is pretty though!

Buddy found something under the snow that he wanted to eat. I thought it was funny that he actually stuck his face in the snow considering how much he usually hates it.

He's very motivated by food. We have that in common.

My run today was 3 easy miles. My leg is still a bit tight, so I stopped halfway to roll it out with the stick, but I'm optimistic that it's on the mend.

I randomly decided to make (a form of) chicken scarpariello for dinner tonight (I used this recipe). It turned out pretty good and went decently well with the broccoli rabe and roasted cauliflower I made. I'm usually really good at picking things that don't actually go together, but these worked out pretty well.

Tom and I spent a ridiculous amount of time watching BuzzFeed videos tonight. Once you click on one, you just keep picking more!


  1. LOL at Buddy stuffing his face in the snow! I hope he actually found something good after all that. And yay that your leg is on the mend!

    1. I have no idea what he got - but he seemed pretty happy. :)


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