Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Enter: Running

I'm so behind. I keep meaning to post and then time just gets away from me.

Sunday I was randomly super grumpy. It was one of those I don't like any of my clothes, everything is stupid and I don't know why kind of days.

Enter: running.

I hit the basement for a few miles (and some sprints thrown in for fun) and felt about a million times better after I was finished. Isn't it crazy how a good run can turn your whole day around?

On Monday we had an insane amount of rain. It down-poured all morning, which divided all the usual hyper-aggressive New York drivers into two groups: those who continued to drive as if everything was normal (way too fast), and those who drove 25 miles an hour on the freeway. It was fun.

The parking lot I was in flooded, so I had to fully submerge my shoes in several inches of water to get in my car. Also fun. I drove home barefoot.

My run was supposed to be an easy 4 miles, but I was feeling it, so I ended up running 5 instead. I also managed to remember to do some Post-Run Power Exercises - they're feeling easier, so that seems like a good sign.

Today I was psyched to run all morning and then when it was finally time, I dragged my feet. What is that about? I had an easy 3 miles with the Gilmore Girls and then Buddy and I hung out on the back deck while I cooled down.

It's definitely looking springy around here

Dinner tonight was salmon (from Kodiak, thanks Mom!) with a worcestershire/butter glaze, broccoli and green beans. You should be jealous.

What's for dinner at your house?


  1. Mmmm your dinner looks so yummy! Lucky you to have a good fish source! I've had runs change my day, too. Not so much when I run at night but there have been plenty of weekend runs when I've completely done a 180, mood-wise. Your backyard is so pretty!!

    1. The yard is very pretty in the spring time - I can't wait until we have our own yard instead of sharing one with all the neighbors (townhouse life).

  2. running can most definitely turn the day around! and yes I am jealous of that dinner!

    1. It was a good dinner! :) Thank goodness for running, right?


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