Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I Clearly Didn't Learn

It was downright hot here today. I think we actually hit 80! Well, the back deck hit 80 anyway, I can't speak for actual accurate temperature recordings. 

I had a tempo run on the schedule for the day and after my usual putzing around, I hit the basement. There's no way I was running tempos in 80 degree weather. I'm not built for that.

My ankle has been a little off lately, and I clearly didn't learn from the last time one of my ankles was hurting (it's the other one this time). I barely made it two miles in before I had to stop and do some serious (seriously painful) stick rolling on my calf. It may have brought tears to my eyes, but it pretty much instantly helped.

I managed to successfully finish my run - 6 miles, with 4 @ 8:20 pace. My calf is sore from rolling it, but otherwise everything feels pretty good. We'll see about maybe doing some stretching - I hear that's good for you. Right, Jan? :)

Buddy and I spent a few minutes on the deck after my run until it became way too hot - I need to re-adapt to warm weather.

I'm glad you guys appreciate my endless pictures of Buddy sleeping, because I can't stop taking them.

I don't have a shoe problem, I don't know what you're talking about.

Also, look how uncomfortable this looks:

Weird dog.


  1. I'm still wearing all your leftover running shoes. They make great regular shoes after you have them:) Wow, sounds very warm there. Buddy is as cute as ever!

  2. Stretching is the devil! And foam rolling...I had good intentions there too. Glad you were able to work out the kinks, even though it was painful!

    1. Right? Stretching is such a pain! Can't I just run and be pain-free and happy? :)


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