Friday, April 10, 2015

Race Prep and Lounging with Buddy

Happy Friday!

I was a lazy slob this afternoon. I planned on doing a little PiYo, but ended up being randomly really exhausted, so I lounged with Buddy instead. He was pretty happy.

 He was sleeping like this for a while this afternoon. With his eyes open. Creepy dog.

I laid out running clothes for my trail race tomorrow before I even bothered to check the weather. That seems like a good idea, right? I did check the weather after the fact and I don't think I'll make any changes. 

It's strange for me, but I know pretty much nothing about this race tomorrow. It is being put on by REI's Outdoor School, and I've seen a basic course map, but that's about all I know. Usually I do a lot of research before a race, but since this is a "just for fun" race (and it's a 10k), I'm not too worried about it. 

Several of my weekend running buddies are also running tomorrow, and there's a club meet up at the Peekskill Brewery after the race, so it should be a fun morning!

Buddy is very excited for me, can't you tell?

Any exciting weekend plans?


  1. I have something in common with Buddy: I've been told I sometimes sleep with my eyes open!

    We're volunteering at a 5K tomorrow. My kid was relieved that she only had to work it and didn't have to run it. Sheesh.

    Have a great trail race tomorrow. With REI organizing, it should be pretty great!!

    1. Eyes open sleeping is a little creepy looking. But then, I talk in my sleep, so I don't have much room to talk!

      Sounds fun, I still haven't volunteered at a race, though I have helped put swag bags together beforehand. Too funny that your kiddo didn't want to run :)

  2. How is Buddy even comfortable w/ his head up against the wall like that? LOL!


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