Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday Randomness

I have a bit of a random post for you today.

Monday and today I had a couple of easy 4 milers, which I did on the treadmill because I'm lazy. The irony of being a lazy distance runner is not lost on me. My next half is apparently in 18 days (I just bothered to check), so I'm trying to stick to my training plan even on my lazy days.

Buddy is now perfectly happy to go out on the back deck by himself. He goes where the sunshine goes - as long as we don't wander too far out of eyesight, he's good.

Tom has decided that he wants a barn when we finally move, so we went to a place in Connecticut that we refer to "the barn store."

Some of them are pretty neat looking.

It's officially, officially springtime - the landscapers came and mowed the lawn on Monday. I like the stripes.

Um, don't buy these. I ate them all really quickly. It's a problem I have.

And these are kind of weird. You can always depend on me to test out the new flavors of everything for you :)

Buddy is one spoiled pup. Tom moved his bed into the sunshine this afternoon. Buddy was in heaven.

And some pretty clouds to wrap up my randomness. I swear one of these days I'll have a normal post again.


  1. Nice pictures! I like the barns! Buddy is still as cute as ever!

  2. I want a barn now! LOL! I love the photos you share of Buddy...he's so cute! ♥

    1. Right? Some of the barns were pretty cute! Buddy's pretty cute too :)

  3. Those grass stripes, just like the ones at Dodger Stadium. :)

    Love Buddy's mad napping skillz! Go on, Buddy!

    1. Buddy is the king of naps. I'm totally jealous.


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