Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Watermelon Bumblebee

Some days, I just don't like speed work. It's hard, and I'm lazy.

I had a tempo run on the plan for today, though it ended up being something closer to a progression run. I was dragging my feet for a bit and used a combination of angry music (Linkin Park) and Gilmore Girls to get through my 6 miles.

I did a 1 mile warm up, followed by four faster "tempo" miles and a 1 mile cool down.

These were my fast miles:
1. 8:27
2. 8:20
3. 8:20
4. 8:00

Not too shabby.

This little flower was pretty cute hanging out on its own by a tree. It's only about 6 inches tall.

And some requisite Buddy pictures:

I couldn't turn down this sherbet today - Tom says it tastes like watermelon bubble gum.

That reminds me of high school choir, anyone else learn the "watermelon bumblebee" trick for when you forget the words to a song? 


  1. Those are some good times! That ice cream looks yummy! I've been addicted to keylime pie ice cream lately!

    1. Thanks! That key lime pie ice cream is really good!

  2. Watermelon bumblebee? I thought it was "peas and carrots"! LOL! The lone little flower is so springy! Nice job on the zippy intervals!

    1. Haha, maybe watermelon bumblebee was an Oregon thing :)


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