Thursday, May 14, 2015

Taper Week Workouts

It's taper week around here. I've been really trying to keep my easy runs easy, because I hear that's good for you. I've also been doing the Lunge Matrix before every run, because adding new things to your training is an excellent idea right before a race...right?

The basement has been super hot lately, so I put the fan on a chair right next to me. It helps.

This is what this week's training looked like:

Monday: 4 east miles @ 9:51 pace
Tuesday: 4 easy miles @ 9:44 pace
Wednesday: 4 miles with 2 mile repeats @ 7:30
Thursday: 4 easy miles @ 9:53

Buddy and I hung out on the floor for a while after my run on Wednesday.

And then things got a little silly.

The Rhinebeck Half is on Saturday, and, as usual, I don't really feel ready. The last time I checked, the weather is going to be a little iffy - possibly rainy. I'm still hoping that changes.

Of course I'm hoping to do well, ideally getting a PR. Since West Point was only a few minutes off of my best time (and it was hill madness), I really should be able to get there. Mostly I just need to get out of my own way and I'll probably be just fine.

I don't have a good segue, so enjoy a couple of cute Buddy pictures and have a good Friday!


  1. Our dog lies on the couch the same way w/ my husband!

    I like a fan on me when I run on the TM too. Isn't it amazing how much cooler it is with a little breeze?

    1. It must be a cozy place to nap!

      The breeze makes all the difference! I'm trying to make myself get outside to run more, but it's harder to make myself go out to run on my own.


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