Saturday, July 11, 2015

Cruising Speed and Literally Tons of Gravel

I'm not happy until I hit about 4 miles. The first few miles of my run, I want to turn around and go home, walk, or sit down. I'm creaky and tired and whiny. Somewhere around 4 miles, my body is awake and ready to go. That's when I can slip into what I call my cruising speed and actually enjoy my run.

Cruising speed varies from day to day. Some days it is a 10:00 mile, some days it's an 8:00 mile. It doesn't matter. It's the beautiful spot where my breathing is even, I'm not pushing myself, I'm not plodding, I'm just happily running along. Sometimes it takes thinking about a song (I've been running without music lately) *ahem, Lady Gaga* that just has the right beat to keep my mind busy and my feet moving.

One of my running buddies (man, I miss them!) has told me that the fact I'm not happy running until mile 4 tells him that I'm going to make a good marathoner. I hope so!

It's supposed to be HOT the next couple of days, so I actually woke up early for my run this morning. It was a cool 60 degrees when I woke up, 62 by the time I finished my coffee, and 70 by the time I finished my 6 miles for the day. Good thing I started early!

Tom rented a tractor the other day and ordered a bunch of gravel for the driveway.

Friday morning he was already up and outside laying out landscape fabric before I woke up. I joined him, coffee in hand, and tried to be useful. I'm not very useful first thing in the morning.

We got most of the fabric down before the first truckload of gravel arrived.

Yes, we had more than one truckload of gravel delivered. We had about 42 tons of gravel delivered.

Tom spent most of the afternoon spreading the gravel out, and now we have an absolutely enormous driveway. We've been parking on the grass, so this will be a nice change.

Buddy is getting more comfortable in his yard, though he still doesn't go very far from the door if he's out there on his own.  It's fun to actually get him running around, and we're working on his fetching skills. He's not very good.

But he's having a good time!

And he's a little crazy.

He also ran through the screen door yesterday. It's a good thing he's cute!


  1. The driveway looks very nice!! That's a ton of gravel for sure! Yes, it's a good thing your doggie is cute!! ♥

    1. Thanks! It's crazy how busy we are with house projects these days!


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