Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Free-Range Buddy

It's official - Buddy is no longer an on-leash all the time dog. Now he's a free-range dog! You know, within the fence.

Tom worked his butt off in the heat/humidity for a couple of days, clearing the areas where we wanted to put the fence and pounding in all the fence posts. He was determined to finish the fence yesterday, so I tried to be helpful. After a long, hot, humid afternoon, we had the fence up.

Buddy isn't quite sure about his yard yet. He doesn't like to go outside by himself, so he stands and stares at the door for a while if we don't go out with him.

He keeps checking out all his escape routes, just to see if there's fence there, but otherwise he hasn't touched the fence at all.

And now we're working on fetch. He's not so good with the bringing the ball back, but he loves chasing it and playing keep away.

I think he's still adjusting to all the extra activity. :)


  1. You will love having a fence! And I bet he spends a lot of time out there too once he gets used to it. This winter will be the best--no more freezing-cold dog walking!

    1. It's really nice to not worry about him getting out all the time. Plus he can actually run around now! :)


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