Sunday, July 26, 2015

Marathon Training Week 5

This was my highest mileage week so far this year. I managed to get in all of my scheduled workouts, though I wasn't really happy about some of them.

Monday: Cross Training. Yep! I did PiYo Define: Upper Body and Lower Body. I also bought a yoga app, because I'm determined to actually stretch sometimes.

Tuesday: 4 miles. This was a terrible run. I felt horrible the entire time and actually wished I had never signed up for a marathon. I was even still grumpy about it when I was done running, which pretty much never happens. I also had a pinched nerve in my neck/shoulders over the weekend and it was still not back to normal. It was just not a good day. 4 miles at 9:45 pace.

Wednesday: 7 miles. I ran this without looking at my pace the entire time. I set my watch to distance, and just ran by feel. I needed it after Tuesday. I was hoping to run faster than I did, but I was infinitely happier than I was on Tuesday. 7.07 miles at 9:47 pace.

Thursday: 4 miles. First run in my new Wave Sayonara 2s! I ended up running in the evening, which I almost never do, and it was actually a cool run with low humidity. 4.04 at 8:42 pace.

Friday: Rest day. Tom had a Warrior Dash to run on Saturday, so I swapped my workouts for Friday and Saturday. I really didn't want to run, and I was the queen of procrastination, so I ended up running in the heat. 7.05 miles at 9:17 pace.

Saturday: 7 miles. Nope, rest day! I spent a lot of time driving and spectating. The race had Tom running up and down a ski mountain on top of all the obstacles - he had a lot of fun! I can't get any of the pictures off Tom's camera right now, so please enjoy the one picture I took with my phone of this guy in a cat unitard.

Sunday: 14 miles. I woke up early so I could get out the door before the heat and humidity took hold. Unfortunately, just as I was getting ready to go, and for a while afterwards, the radar looked a bit like this:

I finally got out the door around 8 (I was hoping for more like 6:30 or 7) and made it 2 miles before another downpour hit. I stood under a tree for a few minutes until it lightened up a little. I started listening to The Pillars of the Earth on audiobook to pass the time (so far, it's depressing). 14 miles is far, you guys! And, I don't know if I've mentioned this enough, but it is NOT flat around here. Check out that elevation:

I was hoping to be around 10:30 pace, but the hills just about killed me. Plus humidity...and heat. Why am I running a fall marathon again?

Miles this week: 36.4


  1. See the difference between you & most people is you push through and get your runs in even though you aren't feeling it some days. GREAT job! The heat & humidity is killer as are the hills! I think you should be feeling very proud of yourself.

    1. Thanks! I make myself push through those workouts because I know I'll be kicking myself come race day if I don't! :)


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