Friday, July 17, 2015

Some Randomness and a Movie Night

I've gotten really bad about blogging lately. Between work, random house projects, and marathon training, blogging seems to be the thing that gets dropped first. So today you get a super random update. Aren't you excited?

We got this big (10'x20') canopy for the patio area. Since the grill is pretty much our only way of cooking right now (other than the toaster and the waffle iron), we needed to make sure the weather wouldn't stop us from having dinner.

My Wave Sayonara 2s should really be retired at this point, but I had a super great run in them this week, so today is not that day.

Buddy likes to lay in the narrowest spot in the house. That way you can't go anywhere without him knowing. Don't you love our kitchen floor? It's getting replaced. For sure. And the cabinets...and the counters...most of the kitchen really.

This is a really good, summertime beer. Grapefruit IPA, yes please!

I am a super lazy member of Influester, and somehow managed to get picked for their Sunshine VoxBox. I am pretty excited to try out the Vaseline spray moisturizer, and I have been looking for those sriracha almonds every time I go to the grocery store. I love getting to try out new things for free! (Who doesn't?)

Thursday night we decided to go to a drive in movie theater. Dogs are allowed, so Buddy got to come with us.

He was pretty happy to be invited.

We saw Minions and Jurassic World. Minions was really cute and funny and Jurassic World was way better than I had been led to believe.

There are actually a couple of drive ins near us, so there's a definite possibility that we'll be going again.

Have you gone to a drive in? 

Do you now have the "stranded at the drive in" song from Grease stuck in your head?

How about now?


  1. Love your backyard "kitchen"! And your linoleum in the inside...I swear we had that exact linoleum at our house when I grew up! It was an old farmhouse. I bet it's from the late 70's. Funny! It will be fun to see how your home progresses as you remodel! We moved into our house about 13 years ago and we've remodeled everything but the kitchen. Doing things one room at a time takes awhile. LOL

    1. That's too funny, Tom grew up with the same linoleum! We're going for the one fell swoop approach to the remodel. We'll see how it goes! :)

    2. That's so funny about the linoleum! It must've been a really popular pattern then. I think going for one fell swoop is probably smart! Way faster and at least you only have the big mess for a short bit!


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