Saturday, August 22, 2015

I'm Cut Off and Exciting News

I'm declaring myself cut off from buying any more running stuff for a while. I went a little crazy when I started making money again, and I had no summer running gear. I'm officially well stocked with all manner of gear/clothes/shoes, and now I need to knock it off.

I went to the closest running store the other day (which, fortunately for my bank account is 40 minutes away) to pick up some new fuel options to try out for my long runs, and accidentally-on-purpose tried on some shoes.

Long story short - I bought new shoes.

They are Saucony Zealot ISOs - my first Saucony shoe. They're SO comfortable! The upper just hugs your foot and pretty much feels like you're wearing slippers. The guy at the store said they are very similar to PureFlows, but they are a little sturdier and will withstand a lot more mileage (PureFlows are only expected to last 250-300 miles).

I took them on my 8 miles on Wednesday and for another 5 on Thursday, and I am really liking them so far! They are a nice balance of cushion and support, and man are they comfortable!

I also picked up a bunch of new fuel to try out. I have definitely not been taking in enough calories during my long runs. 

In other exciting news, I found out I was accepted as a FitFluential Ambassador today! 

FitFluential is a super inspiring community of people who are passionate about fitness, food, health and wellness. The community includes everyone from experts to weekend warriors. There are so many people I "know" on social media and blogs who are FitFluential ambassadors and I can't wait to work with FitFluential and hopefully do some inspiring of my own. :)

What's your go-to fuel for long runs/race?


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  1. I love Honeystinger gels! They're probably my favorite, natural but easy to digest. The waffles are yummy too.

    I wasn't a fan of Huma, I felt my body had to work too hard to digest it, but maybe I just need to practice more with it and consume it earlier.

    Which are your favorites?

    Congrats on your ambassadorship!

    1. Thanks!

      I have been using salted watermelon GU for a while now, but sometimes it just gets too sweet for me. I used a couple of Humas today on my run and I really liked them! I didn't eat them all at once though, I took them in over the course of a mile or so. I haven't tried the Honeystinger gels yet.


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