Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Just Plain Stupid

The downstairs bathroom confuses Buddy. If you go in there, he's pretty sure you have left the house. He patrols upstairs and checks all the rooms to try to figure out where you've gone. The upstairs bathroom he understands, and if the shower is on, he knows someone is in there, so he'll hang out at the top of the stairs or in the office to wait for you to come out.

Buddy is extra fancy right now with his new pirate bandana from the kennel where he stayed while we were at the lake house.

I came home to fun mail the other day - a pair of Pro Compression Marathon socks that I won off of Sally's blog. She also has an adorable dog, so if you need more cute dog pictures in your life, you should definitely check her blog out HERE.

I think my body glide is officially dead. It's been limping along for a while, and I should probably track some down one of these days.

I finally hit my breaking point on running in the heat today. I made a promise to my body that I would stop trying to run in the middle of the day on hot days. It's not intentional, it's just when I like to run. I hate waking up early, and when I try to run later in the day, I tend to skip it. But these last few weeks have shown me that I need to suck it up, listen to my body, and run a little smarter. Trying to push through the heat is just plain stupid.

So, at least on super hot days, I'm going to either run early, or late. It's going to happen.


Buddy helped me with some yoga after my run today. Looking cute is helpful, right? He's really good at it.


  1. Sally's dog is super cute! Glad you are going to try to avoid the mid-day heat. It's pretty dangerous!

    1. My run today went SO much better in the cooler weather! Who would have guessed? :)


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