Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Killed It.

Check it out: I did yoga again today, and I waited to run until it was a reasonable temperature out. 

I absolutely killed my run today! 

Go figure. 

I didn't look at my pace at all, though I did check the time every few miles. I was pushing myself a bit because I was feeling good (for the first time in a few weeks), and I was pleasantly surprised by my 8:44 average pace. Check out my splits! 

1. 9:42
2. 8:54
3. 8:57
4. 8:46
5. 8:18
6. 7:45

I was pretty happy when I got home.

Buddy helped me stretch.

And then he took over my yoga mat. I'm not sure what pose he was going for, but I think his form could use a little work.

Since I pushed a little harder than I probably should have on my run, I spent some quality time with my new socks. Hopefully they will keep my legs from hating me tomorrow.

Fingers crossed!


  1. Yay for a good pace! That is one thing about running in the heat--now you're are in great shape! I just saw an article a few weeks ago about how running mid-day increases your red blood cells. I think I might have posted it. Did you get new carpet? It looks nice!

    1. Oh yeah! I totally read that when you posted it. Now I have super blood :)

      No new carpet here, I'm glad it doesn't look as gross as it is! We'll have all hardwood when all the work is finished.


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