Sunday, August 9, 2015

Marathon Training Week 7

These weeks keep flying by! Apparently there are less than 9 weeks until Steamtown - I've got a lot of running to do between now and then!

I messed with my plan a bit this week, since I missed last week's long run. This week was supposed to be a cut back week, but I clearly didn't need one.

Monday: Cross training. I did yoga again this week! I've really been liking my new yoga app, and it's getting me to do some extra stretching. I especially like that there are time options ranging from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. Handy little app.

Tuesday: 4 miles. This run was my breaking point with the heat. I just felt awful and realized how dumb it was for me to run in the heat when I didn't have to. In happier news, I actually did 15 minutes of yoga when I got home to stretch out. 4.01 miles @ 9:29 pace

Wednesday: 6 miles. I waited until it cooled off a bit before I went out for this run. I was feeling good, and pushed the pace a little bit. It felt good to go faster! Hit up some yoga when I got home again. I know stretching is good for me, I'm just really bad about it. 6.01 miles @ 8:44 pace

Thursday: 4 miles. Set my watch to distance and ran by feel for this run. I felt good! I was also pleasantly surprised by my pace when I got home. 4.01 miles @ 8:55 pace

Friday: Rest day. I honestly can't even remember what I did on Friday, but I know I didn't run. Gold star for my short term memory!

Saturday: Rest day. Nope. I added this run since I didn't need a cut back week. I waited until too late in the morning and I really should have just waited until evening, but I didn't. It was hot by the time I got home, and I wasn't happy. 6.01 miles @ 9:26 pace

Sunday: 13 miles. I decided to run last week's 15 miles instead of 13. I was up bright and early and actually managed to get myself out the door by 7:20, which is impressive for me. Mornings and I are still not friends. I ran in an area that I have only driven before, and I never realized how hilly it was. Seriously, look at the elevation:

I'm not crazy about the pace, but given the hills I'm ok with it.

I just sat down in the front yard when I got home. It seemed as good a place as any.

I'm definitely feeling the hills this evening, but at least I feel like I'm back on track with my training plan. I may pick a different route for my long run next weekend. 15.02 miles @ 11:03 pace

Miles this week: 35.06


  1. You are going to be a badass runner after training on so many hills! Are there any good trails in your area?

    1. I haven't had a chance to check out all the trails near us. A lot of them are more suited to mountain biking and/or hiking rather than running. I haven't found good running trails yet. We are actually really close to a portion of the Appalachian trail (I run past it all the time) but it's too dicey for running.


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