Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sriracha on Everything!

I don't have anything terribly exciting for you today, so instead you're getting a bit of a photo dump. We have major house projects in the works - there are architects and kitchen layout people involved. Right now though, it's a lot of waiting. Things will get extra crazy around here soon.

Buddy is still working on being outside by himself. Sometimes he's ok with it, and sometimes he acts like we're torturing him. He's still terrible at fetch.

My computer sucks. It spent about an hour and a half like this yesterday.

One day soon it will be replaced. You hear that computer? Replaced!

Buddy is still cute. And he still sleeps in strange ways.

This new sriracha seasoning is delicious. We have been putting it on just about everything lately. A little goes a long way, but it's really good.

I had some more of what I refer to as "energy pop rocks" from my RunnerBox. I have zero idea if it did anything because I definitely didn't eat enough this afternoon and I was dragging on my run. Mostly I think they're fun. And they make me want pop rocks.

This is how I keep my shoes right now - I only have a few running shoes...and ok, that's not even all of them. But some of them are trail shoes, and some are road shoes, and some I race in...

We're still not really unpacking since we're going to start work on the house soon. No point in unpacking just to box things up again to get them out of the construction zone.

In other exciting news: Tiny (one of my very best friends) is coming to visit in 3 weeks!


  1. Hey your shoe area actually looks more organized than mine (I have regular shoes in my pile) and I have no excuse! LOL! Your backyard looks so amazing. You're lucky!

    1. There are some regular shoes underneath the running shoes in that box, but it's summer so I'm pretty much either in flip flops or running shoes.

      Our backyard is awesome, it's really looking nice! :)


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