Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Construction Photo Dump

This week has been a little crazy. Construction started on the house on Tuesday, and we've been busy! I tried to write this post at several points throughout the day, but I keep getting distracted. I decided to just give you the highlights, rather than no post at all.

The roof was quickly pulled off the living room.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover some perfectly salvageable hardwood floor underneath the dirty living room carpet.

The side door was moved so the living room ceiling could be taken down.

It's crazy how fast demolition happens.

The holes are all dug for the post footings. Both the builder and Tom have fallen in these holes (on different days). I haven't gone anywhere near them.

It has to get worse before it gets better.

I ordered a dumpster yesterday and they ever so gracefully plopped it in the driveway this afternoon.

Between the record heat earlier this week and the construction, I'm a little off on my training for the week. I've managed to get in 2 shorter runs (a 2 and a 5 miler), but at this point in my training cycle, I'm not too worried about a couple of missed runs. Especially short ones.

Steamtown is one month from tomorrow! I can't wait and I'm also totally not ready at the same time.


  1. It's really impressive that you can get any running done at all in that construction zone! Can't wait to see all the before & after pics.

    1. Thanks! I'm really excited for all the changes, it's going to be very cool! :)


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