Thursday, September 24, 2015

Blanket Forts and Insulation

I'm trying to add a little variety to my diet. Generally I eat two English muffins for breakfast, one with butter and jam, one with peanut butter. The last couple days I have been mixing things up by only eating one English muffin and adding some Greek yogurt and a banana. I know you were all dying to know about what I've been eating lately. 

We're trying to figure out how to attach Buddy's blanket to his bed in a way that he would be able to crawl into it on his own. He gets up in the middle of the night and knocks his blanket off and then we wake up to a tightly curled up pooch in the morning.

Basically, I want to make a blanket fort for my dog.

Tom spent some time pulling the insulation out of the crawl space in the basement this afternoon so the plumber can get in there to do some work tomorrow.

I have some super important reading to do.

I go through phases with magazines where I don't read any for months, and then I randomly decide I want to read them again. One of those crazy $5 for 6 issues of Women's Running popped up back in August and I finally got my first issue today - the day after I decided I needed to buy an issue of Runner's World.

My shoes somehow came untied 3 times on my run today. Once after I had double knotted them. I was both annoyed and a little impressed.

The bulk of the lumber for the addition was delivered today. That's one step closer to our new master bedroom/bathroom being finished (and started...).

What was for breakfast at your house? I need inspiration!

Do you subscribe to any magazines? I know most of it is online now, but sometimes I just want to read an actual print copy.


  1. Breakfast is always the same for me so no judgment here for not having variety! I have a fried egg on a piece of toast. Occasionally on the weekend I'll mix it up, but not usually. I've said it before, but I still think Buddy needs pajamas! :D

    1. Buddy would probably love pajamas, but the closest I've gotten Tom to agree to is his fleece vest ;)


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