Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fracturing Rocks and The Perks of Running Small Races

I ran in capris this morning - I can't remember the last time it was cool enough for capris. It was pretty exciting.

It was actually cold in our house this morning. Just ask Buddy.

We no longer have a dog, just a blanket that moves occasionally.

There's a big rock in the yard that's in the way of construction. Rather than spend a ton of money to have an excavator come dig it out, Tom bought this crazy stuff called Dexpan that expands as it dries and fractures rock.

He poured it into several holes that were drilled into the rock yesterday, and this morning there were definitely cracks!

The cracks grew more by this afternoon, and then Tom went to work with a couple of metal wedges and a sledgehammer.

He pulled these chunks off. The chain is there because those pieces are so big he dragged them out of the hole with the Jeep.

Now it's about half the size it was. There will be another round of Dexpan to try to break it down even more.

The really weird thing is that the Dexpan crumbles in your hand once it's dry. I have no idea how a crumbly powder can fracture rocks.

In other exciting news, my GU supply has been restocked.

Plus there are 25 GUs in the box and there are only supposed to be 24, so I win.

I also got the Oatmeal's book on running.

I already read a bunch of it, and it's hilarious.

Oh, and I didn't share this here yet - apparently my finish time was enough to place 3rd in my age group on Sunday!

It pays to run small races ;)


  1. Congrats on the age group award!

    That rock stuff is so weird! I'm glad you are able to take care of it instead of paying the big bucks to have someone else haul it out. It's strange there's one huge random rock there. I wonder where it came from?

    1. Thanks! I guess the humidity affected everyone!

      We have rocks all over the place - we don't even have a full basement because whoever built the house didn't want to deal with all the bedrock.

  2. Wow that is amazing with that rock. I love GU but am switching to accelerade. That book likes it would be fun to read, let me know how you like it. Have a great day

    1. I've never heard of accelerade, is it a gel?

  3. Those are all my favorite flavors of GU! Have you tried the Maple Bacon? I wasn't a fan, but I think it's fun that they keep coming up with new flavors.

    1. I saw the maple bacon when I was ordering - I haven't tried it yet, but I probably will! I love trying new flavors of things :)

  4. The rock ordeal! WOW that's so cool. Aww, I see a nose peering out of that moving blanket.
    Nice job on your 3rd place AG place. Oh yes, capris.....I'm looking forward to being reunited with mine.

    1. Thanks! Placing takes a bit of the sting out of a disappointing finish.

      Isn't the rock stuff crazy?


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