Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Slowly but Surely

It's possible that I have the start of a cold. Or allergies. Something like that.

Either way, I was super tired this afternoon and decided that I was better off not running. At this point, getting sick would be a lot worse than skipping out on a few miles.

Tom took the sliding doors out of the living room yesterday. The lumber for the addition is supposed to get delivered on Friday, maybe. The "two weeks" that the construction is supposed to take is apparently 14 work days, and they aren't here every day. Things are happening, slowly but surely.

Buddy doesn't like when Tom goes outside without him. He just stares at the door until Tom comes back.

I've been reading Marathon whenever I'm at the laundromat. I finally finished it the other day. I have read a ridiculous number of running books and articles, so there wasn't a ton of new information, but some of the marathon-specific parts were interesting.

I refuse to think about how soon the race is - that's a good pre-race strategy, right?

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