Friday, October 16, 2015

House Updates

I'm in a bit of a fog this week. I had some seriously sore quads and exhaustion that came in waves after Sunday's race. Stairs are no longer an issue though, and I only had to go downstairs backwards once.

I haven't worked out. At all. I was too sore earlier in the week, and the last couple of days I have been tired and/or lazy. I did have to work, so at least I wasn't laying on the couch all week. Chasing preschoolers around counts as a workout, right?

The construction guys have been hard at work this week.

The new stairs to the attic will be where that ladder is. The space on the right is going to be the master bedroom closet.

Bedroom windows.

Dormer windows in the attic.

I climbed multiple ladders to get up here. This was when I was still sore from the race, and I realized that going down ladders is not dissimilar from climbing down stairs. It was a little dicey.

Look how big it's getting!

The roof is going up at the beginning of next week. Pretty exciting!


  1. Love the pictures! The windows are wonderful, you are both going to enjoy that awesome space!


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