Monday, October 5, 2015

Marathon Training Week 15

Last week was not the best for some reason. I'm just going to go ahead and blame the taper, because I don't have any other explanation.

In more exciting news: I broke 1,000 miles for the year! Last year I hit 1,000 miles in December after running every day in November. I guess I'm going to need a new goal after this marathon business is over!

Monday: Cross training. We had a bunch of construction madness going on at the house on Monday. Buddy was freaking out over all the activity, so I took him for a walk around the neighborhood. He was pretty wiped out after 2 miles.

Tuesday: 4 miles. It was stupidly humid out so I took it easy, plus that's what taper weeks are about, right? 4 miles @ 9:44 pace

Wednesday: 5 miles. I actually have "I have no memory of this run" written in my training log because I'm getting bad about writing in a timely manner. 5.06 miles @ 9:30 pace

Thursday: 4 miles. Thursday was my birthday and I was having a great time relaxing and eating (two of my favorite things), so I ended up taking a rest day. It's my birthday and I'll do what I want to!

Friday: Rest day. It was rainy and cold out, but I wanted to get my Thursday miles in - plus I like running in the rain. My shins were oddly tight/cramping, but otherwise this was a good run. 4 miles @ 9:05 pace

Saturday: 3 miles. Tom and his friend ran a Warrior Dash race in Connecticut, so driving and spectating took up most of my day. I didn't run. I'm ok with that.

The boys had fun. :)

Sunday: 8 miles. This was one of those runs you read about that happen during the taper - it makes you question your ability to run at all, let alone an entire marathon. It was fairly miserable, but I plodded along and got my miles in. 8.01 miles @ 9:37 pace

Miles this week: 21.07

This might be my last training week recap, since next week at this time I will be in full on recovery mode.

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