Friday, October 2, 2015

My Computer is Dying

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I was all settled in to finish up a post this afternoon when my computer froze. Again. And the Blue Screen of Death popped up. Again.

That's the second time this week - definitely not a good sign.

So, I may be looking for a new computer pretty soon. Any suggestions?

In other news, Buddy can almost get into his new bed on his own. The opening is a tiny bit small for how tall he is (we probably should have bought the extra large size), and he can't quite figure it out. If we hold the top open for him he goes right in.

It was cold and rainy for my run today. I pulled out the capris, a long sleeve half zip and my super bright vest so cars wouldn't hit me. The speed limit in our neighborhood is 30, but people go way faster than that.

Tom went to his man club meeting (it's actually a rod and gun/hunting club, but I prefer to call it the man club) tonight, so I made myself a couple of little quesadillas for dinner. I was lazy and just mashed up some black beans, added some pepperjack cheese and threw them on the grill for a few minutes. Super simple, and pretty tasty!

I even managed to not burn them!

I'm completely in denial about how soon Steamtown is getting. I've been saying it's 3 weeks away for a while now, and it's actually a week from Sunday! Time to start race day weather stalking...

Hopefully my computer will behave itself this weekend so I can do a little blog catch up.


  1. Oh no! The computer!! I have a Chromebook for work, and if you only use the internet, I highly recommend it. They are only about $200. You can ONLY do the can't install other software, drivers, etc., but it's been fine for me. I do have a laptop that I work on at home, but if it weren't for pictures off my SLR camera, I wouldn't need it.

    Funny about Tom & the old man's club. LOL! I guess you two are country bumpkins now! :D

    1. I'm hoping the computer behaves itself for a little longer, so I have time to do a little research.

      We are definitely not city folk these days, not that I ever really was! :)

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