Saturday, October 31, 2015

Running Frustrations and Pot Roast

Why are we so much harder on ourselves than we would be on other people?

I was getting really frustrated with myself on my run yesterday.

Why was my heart rate so high? Why was I SO slow? Why could I run a marathon without stopping a few weeks ago but stopped multiple times on my 4 mile run?

It's really funny how time can mess with us. Steamtown seems like it was such a long time ago, but really, it was only a few weeks. I don't really know how long my body takes to fully recover from a marathon; I've never done it before. I also have a cold right now.

If someone else came to me three weeks post marathon (with a cold), whining about how slow they are and how bad their run was, I would tell them they need to relax. I would tell them to take it easy and not expect too much, too soon. I wouldn't expect them to be running at their best under those circumstances, why do I think I'm any different?

Running always has its ups and downs, and there are a lot of things that are out of our control. I can't control the weather, and I can't make my body recover any faster than it's going to. I can, however, take care of it. I can make sure I'm getting enough sleep (I'm not), drinking enough water (I think I am), and eating fairly healthy (*ahem* candy corn, I'm looking at you).

Buddy and I went for a 3 mile run today, and it went so much better than yesterday. He's such a goofball - he loves it, and he's getting better about not zig zagging in front of me while we run. He spent most of the afternoon usual.

Remember when I said I was doing yoga? Well, I still am! I bet you thought I was going to say that wasn't happening anymore. I'm shocked too. I'm on day 13 of the 30 days of yoga that I started. I haven't skipped any days yet either.

I'm so proud of me.

Tom and I made pot roast in the crock pot for dinner tonight. It was super easy and turned out really good! I wasn't sure everything was going to fit in the crock pot, but it just fit.

We used this recipe, which we mostly followed. We pretty much did our own thing with the spices. And by did our own thing I mean we forgot to put any spices on the veggies until it was already cooking for a while. And Tom made a roux with butter and flour for the gravy rather than the cornstarch method that the recipe uses.

The crock pot has been getting a workout lately (since we found it...). We've made chili, apple butter, pumpkin butter, and pot roast. Gotta use the appliances we have!

Have you entered my giveaway yet? Why not? You don't like free snacks?

Good luck and, more importantly, have fun to everyone running New York tomorrow!

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