Sunday, October 18, 2015

We Know We're Fancy

I finally went for a run today, a week after Steamtown. It was really cold out and I apparently became a wuss over the summer, so I bundled up with my smartwool headband and my favorite running jacket.

Since I was only planning on doing 2 miles, I took the mutt with me. He was pretty excited and completely wore himself out.

This is from the other day, but you get the idea.

The run went well for me, I'm pretty much not sore at all at this point, though I can still feel a blister that isn't fully healed.

I made it a week without having any races scheduled.

The Sleepy Hollow 10k was on Saturday, and since I wasn't running I decided to go cheer on my old weekend running buddies instead. While I was down there they convinced me to sign up to do Run the Farm with them on the 25th. It's only 5 miles, so it's not a major commitment.

After Run the Farm I don't have anything planned. I might look for a turkey trot on Thanksgiving, but otherwise I'm pretty much done for now. In theory.

We've been having fun with our Blue Apron deliveries. Everything has been pretty tasty, and for the most part they are reasonable portions. We have added a few potatoes and some veggies to a few of the recipes, because seriously, I eat more than 6 brussels sprouts by myself.

What I bought vs what they sent

 We haven't taken pictures of many of our meals (because we're busy eating them), but here are a couple I found on my phone.

Seared chicken and caramelized fennel with jasmine rice and roasted cherry tomatoes:

And Za'atar chicken and farro salad with beet, goat cheese and pistachios:

We moved our outdoor kitchen to the front porch a few weeks ago when the construction started and we couldn't go out the side door anymore. This weekend we added the camp stove so now we can have more than one burner going at the same time (there's one on the side of the grill). 

You don't have to tell us, we know we're fancy.

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