Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving, Playing Chicken and Shopping

How was your Thanksgiving?

We had a pretty laid back holiday, which was really nice. Tom was up dark and early to do a little sitting in the woods hunting with our neighbor. Buddy and I had a relaxing morning and I finally got myself out the door around 10 to go for a run.

My watch is back and fully functional!

TomTom customer service was wonderful and the only thing I had to pay for was shipping the busted watch back to them. I ran an easy 8 with my audiobook, took a short break at home and then went back out for another 2 with Tom and Buddy. Ten Thanksgiving miles before the big meal.

The house was too hot when we got home, so we spent a little cool off time in the yard. Sometimes when Buddy is running around the yard he plays chicken. He runs straight at you and then veers off to one side or the other at the last second and just keeps on running. Only yesterday, instead of holding still, I tried to move out of the way and took his giant head right to the side of my knee. I ended up on my butt, facing the opposite direction I had been standing. Tom did a really good job of making sure I wasn't actually hurt before he started laughing. There's definitely a bruise, but I'll survive.

We went to Tom's friend's house for dinner and had a nice time visiting with everyone and eating way too much food - as is traditional.

I spent most of today thinking that it was Saturday, and doing dishes. I have no idea how two people create so many dishes. We're just talented like that. Plus I checked out a few online black Friday deals and did a little Christmas shopping from the comfort of my couch. I don't do black Friday. People are crazy.

Did you brave the crowds and go shopping today?

What was the best part of your Thanksgiving? 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Super Photogenic

I lost my thumb ring this afternoon. I keep going to fidget with it and it isn't there. It's not like it was anything fancy, it was just a thin silver band. I think it was about $3 from the Portland Saturday Market - many years ago - but I'm used to it being there. Lame.

I started listening to Mockingjay on audiobook for my longer runs lately. I've read the book before, but I wanted something I knew I would enjoy. Only now I'm too into it and have started listening to it in the car and while doing dishes too. It's not going to last much longer.

This is Buddy's face when I ask him if he wants to go for a run. His posture is never so good as when he wants something.

We took our break at the park, and he refused to participate in my attempts at taking a picture with him. This was the best of the bunch, and my eye is closed. We're super photogenic.

And this one shows his level of interest in taking pictures.

Tomorrow is my Friday since the places I normally teach at are closed on Thursday and Friday this week. We (mostly Tom) are in charge of making cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. We can't really make anything else with our limited kitchen situation.

Are you hosting Thanksgiving? Traveling? What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish? I'm not good with favorites, I love most food. If I had to narrow it down I would say mashed potatoes and gravy...and stuffing...and pie... 

Any good audiobook recommendations? This one will not last much longer.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Busy Saturday and an Excellent Run

I had an unusually busy Saturday this week. Generally I'm pretty happy with few things on my to do list for the weekends, so it was pretty different from my usual antisocial quiet weekends.

I was debating making another trip down to meet up with my running buddies and made the last minute decision to go for it. Tom convinced me that I would be happier if I went, and, of course, I'm glad I did. It was a beautiful, if chilly, day and we had a fairly large group of people for the run. It's always fun to see everyone, and 7 miles never go by so quickly.

After a quick stop at the house for a shower and some lunch, I was out the door again, this time for a CPR class. The class was hosted by another running group, which isn't really close to my house either, but it's a bit closer than my old group. It worked out nicely because I renewed my CPR and got to meet a few of the runners from the Taconic Road Runners Club. One of these weekends I will have to branch out and meet up with them for a weekend run.

The woman who taught the CPR class gave us a bit of a lecture about the fact none of us like running with our phones. The short version was: suck it up and run with your phone.

One of Tom's friends was having a dinner party, so we made ourselves presentable (what do you mean I can't wear running clothes to a dinner party?) and made the 45 minute drive to their house. We went to a couple of barbecue/pool parties at their house this summer. They always have a ton of guests and even more food.

SO much food.

We didn't end up getting home until almost 1am, which is way past my usual bedtime. It was a pretty long day.

This morning I took my time getting moving and finally got out the door for a run a little after noon. I swear, sometimes I take longer to get ready for a run than when I get dressed up.

I started my Moov (my replacement GPS watch hasn't made its way back yet), threw on an audiobook and went on my way. I didn't really have a plan for my run, I just took it easy and enjoyed myself. It ended up being fairly slow, but it was as effortless and enjoyable as running gets! I got caught up in my audiobook and ended up running 8 miles.

How was your weekend?

Are you a fan of busy, social weekends or lazy, quiet weekends?

Friday, November 20, 2015

Running, Yoga, and Buddy in a Hat

Nothing terribly exciting around these parts lately. This week has flown by and I feel like all I've done is teach classes, do dishes, run and decide what to have for dinner.

That's pretty much life, right? Deciding what to eat for dinner every. single. day. Mom, I'm sorry for all the times you asked what we wanted for dinner and we didn't help at all.

I completed my 30 days of yoga challenge. I actually did every day and didn't skip any!

And - get this - I'm still doing yoga. I have seen noticeable improvements in my strength and flexibility, and while I'm still a long ways off from being a super bendy yogi, I'm way better than a month ago.

Please enjoy this random photo dump from the week:

I've been researching showers and bath tubs for the new bathrooms. It's not a kind of shopping I find fun.

The obligatory weekly trip to the laundromat.

My computer did this again. It happens so often now that I don't even freak out anymore. As long as it turns back on - we're good.

Buddy hates when I get in his face to take a picture.

A little post-run Nuun and my new Moov. I ran a cadence workout on Wednesday with the Moov; it was interesting. The focus was on shorter, quicker steps, and since it can tell your range of motion (you wear it on your ankle when running) it yells at informs you when you are striding out too much. The shorter steps feel odd, and a little bit like I'm shuffling, but it is allegedly a more efficient way to run once you're used to it. We'll see.

I never knew how much work wood stoves were to get them burning efficiently. I'm not good at it yet.

Wild Sockeye salmon was $7.99/lb instead of $14.99/lb the other day. I couldn't pass that up! Tom made a fancy salmon - the picture doesn't really show how pretty it was.

Just harassing the dog. As usual.

The longer I was in the store the other day, the less healthy my choices became. This was a little odd, but also pretty addicting. Luckily it's a small bag.

Buddy and I went for a run this afternoon, and then I harassed him with my Nuun hat.

I can't help myself.

How was your week? Anything fun planned for the weekend?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Weekend Update

I'm not sure where the weekend went. Pretty sure it was just Friday!

Buddy looks really small in this picture. He's been having a great time running a few days a week, and had a pretty speedy two miles on Friday. 

Tom bought a tractor.

He's been pulling bushes out and moving heavy things like wood and our new wood stove.

It was a bit of an adventure getting this beast into the house, but it does an amazing job warming the place up. Don't worry, we moved all the flammable things out of the way.

On Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to drive down to see my old running group. It's about a 45 minute drive, but the roads are pretty clear at 7am on a Saturday.

I'm so glad I made the trip, running with people is so much fun! It helps me run faster, and the miles just fly by. Not to mention the amazing trails we run on. There's really nothing like the trails at The Rockefeller Preserve.

I'm going to make an effort to get down there at least every few weekends.

When I got home I lounged around and drank coffee for a while. It felt like a lazy morning even though I drove a ways and ran 7 miles.

Today I actually ran some intervals with my new gadget. Let's be honest, there's no way I'm running intervals by myself out on the roads. I used to run them on my treadmill, but it's buried in the garage right now.

Having the Moov tell me my pace and when to start and stop my intervals was much better than trying to run and stare at my watch at the same time. Especially since I haven't mailed my watch off to get fixed yet.

I have some serious running goals for next year that I've been contemplating, and I think cross training and speed work are going to be a necessary part of reaching those goals.

Speaking of cross training - you'll probably be surprised to know that I completed day 28 of 30 or my 30 days of yoga challenge. I haven't missed a single day, and I am seriously loving the Yoga with Adriene channel on YouTube.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

New Running Gadgets

Buddy sleeps in some of the funniest positions. They're pretty much all cute. 

I got a new gadget today - the Moov Now! It was something I pre-ordered months ago (I honestly think I saw it on a facebook ad and curiosity got the better of me). Buddy and I took it on a short run today to test it out, and I think it's going to be a lot of fun. I'll let you know what I think about it once I've gotten to use it a bit more.

It's super gloomy and dark out today, so I also took the opportunity to take my visibility vest for a spin. Tom bought it for me for my birthday since I'm running outside all the time now and he doesn't want me to get hit by a car.

It lights up and flashes different colors. Now if a car hits me it won't be because they don't see me!

I'm addicted to the crock pot. I don't know if you've noticed, but I have been going crock pot crazy. It's just SO easy to make dinner. Tonight's dinner was jambalaya. I used this recipe, and made some rice to serve with it.

It turned out really tasty, and now we're both super full.

But not so full I won't break into the peppermint candy ice cream I bought this afternoon. Holiday ice cream is my favorite.

Do you have any good crock pot recipes?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Running Happier and Cute Christmas Cards

As much as my watch not working is a pain in the butt, it has given me a chance to worry less about my pace, and focus on enjoying myself. The cooler fall weather (and not having a race to train for) has really helped me like running again. I didn't realize how much marathon training was burning me out on running until it was over.

Lately I have either been running with Buddy, or listening to an audiobook while I run. Buddy can only do about 3 miles, so he has to stay home whenever I'm going longer than that. Apparently he was very upset that I went running without him today. Tom told me that he cried at the door for about 20 minutes after I left. I guess he's been enjoying our runs!

I chased him around the yard for a bit after I got home, so I think he forgave me. Plus he got some couch time with Tom this afternoon.

I have the cutest Christmas cards (already) this year! My friend/college roommate Kate makes some of the cutest artwork ever, and when I saw these - I had to have them. How cute is that goat?

I also got gift tags with the same adorable prints.

Kate has everything from cards and notebooks to coloring books and buttons. Check out her Etsy Shop: HERE!

My watch is getting ready to go on a trip to the repair shop. It's either going to get fixed or replaced.

Hopefully it comes home soon!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Running With Buddy and a Recipe

My GPS watch still isn't working right. I've tried all the troubleshooting fixes, and now it's looking like it may end up getting replaced. At least it waited until after the marathon to stop working.

Even though I'm mostly watch-less (I can see some of the stats after a run, but nothing during) I had a really good run on Sunday. It's the first run since the marathon that I can honestly say that about. I threw on an audiobook and went on my way - and I enjoyed myself! It was pretty great.

Buddy has been loving my new running schedule. He has two days a week penciled in where he gets to come with me. We do 2-3 miles and he gets insanely excited when he sees his running leash. He knows it's different than going for a walk. On a walk he stops every few feet to sniff things, but once we're running he's good about not making any abrupt pit stops.

I made a pretty tasty (and easy) dinner tonight. I was inspired by this recipe from PaleOMG, and made some additions. Ok, one addition and some hot sauce. Plus, butternut squash never cooks as quickly as recipes tell me it will.

I completely failed to take a picture before we ate it all, because I was busy worrying that I overcooked the eggs (I didn't).

Butternut Squash Hash
Adapted from this recipe

  • 1 small butternut squash, peeled and diced 
  • 1 yellow onion, diced
  • 1 pound chorizo
  • 1 bunch kale, roughly chopped
  • salt, pepper and granulated garlic, to taste
  • 4 eggs (or however many you want to squeeze in there)
  • hot sauce
  • Place a cast iron skillet or pan over medium heat. Add butternut squash and onion.
  • Cook butternut squash and onions a few minutes (5-10) until edges are browned. Turn heat to low and cover pan, cook about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, or until squash is soft. 
  • Once squash is mostly cooked, add chorizo. Break chorizo into small pieces, and cook until completely cooked through.
  • While chorizo cooks, add kale, and cook until wilted. 
  • Use a spoon to press in 4 little crevices. Crack eggs into the crevices. Place a lid over the pan and cook until eggs are cooked to over easy (or to preference), about 3-4 minutes.
  • Serve with hot sauce! (we used Cholula, because it's good on everything)

Saturday, November 7, 2015


First things first: Congratulations to Jess - she won the Manitoba Harvest giveaway!

There was a lot of noise around here this morning. The windows are installed!

Tom had himself closed in the office closet (to keep the mess to a minimum) and cut through to the new addition this morning. Apparently the construction guys didn't want to have to climb out the windows after they put them in. So picky.

Now we can get into the addition from the inside!

If you're wondering why we cut an opening in the closet, it's because the walls of the office are going to be taken down to create a bigger landing/hallway. It's pretty cramped right now.

When I left for the store earlier, this was a doorway. It's the doorway we've used the entire time we've lived here, and when I came home, it was a window.

How confusing.

I mean, I knew it was going to become a window. It just threw me off that it happened while I was gone.

This afternoon I did day 20 of my yoga challenge. I'm seriously considering just starting over again on day one after I hit day 30. I have enjoyed pretty much every video I have done on the Yoga With Adriene channel YouTube.

Even an ab one.


Thursday, November 5, 2015

New Yoga Gear and House Updates

This post contains affiliate links. Please see my privacy policy.

This is super weird for me, but I am still liking yoga!

I actually bought myself a new yoga mat (my old one was from college...they last decades, right?), block and strap the other day.

I'm still going strong with my 30 day challenge,  I did day 18 this afternoon. But then I wanted a little more, and I found another video that looked interesting. It turned out to be part of another 30 day challenge. I'm not planning on doing both at the same time, but I may do extra videos here and there.

Runner friends: ignore the 30 day challenge part of this video (or don't) - it's a really great hip-opening sequence. Holy cow my hips are tight!

I was a little disturbed when I got my Women's Running magazine today. This gorgeous woman is apparently a "plus sized" model.

I'm sorry, what?

And in house news: the windows are here! They're getting put in this weekend, which is pretty exciting. The electrician is coming next week, and we're working on getting a plumber so the new bathrooms will have exciting things like running water.

I have plans to turn the area by the attic windows into my yoga area. It has an amazing view!

Oh, and the patio was poured last week - no more cooking on the grill on the front porch! Now we cook on the grill on the patio! :) One of these days we'll do something about our lack of a kitchen. One thing at a time.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Best of Both Worlds

One of the preschoolers I teach has decided that my name is Miss Betty. I tried correcting her the first few times, but have since given up.

Miss Betty at your service.

Buddy is a ridiculously good dog when it comes to food.

That chewy box behind his bed is his food, there's another bag of food behind it, and his new favorite bone on top. He leaves all of it alone, even when we're not home.

I did pretty much all of my marathon training without my iPod. People in our neighborhood drive like maniacs (even though the speed limit is 30mph) and I like to be able to hear if they're coming. Since my runs lately have been a little depressing, I decided to see if having some music would keep my mind busy so I could actually get more than a few miles in. The music definitely helped (I only had one headphone in so I could still hear cars) and I got a pretty good 5 miles in.

I used to tell my running friends that I wasn't happy until mile 4. Maybe I just haven't been running long enough lately.

I'm loving the new Pro Marathon Elite socks that Tom bought me for my birthday! They're the best of both worlds, cushy on the feet and tight on my calves. 

It was WARM and I ran in shorts and a tank top - what is happening November?

My TomTom decided I didn't nee to worry about my pace and refused to track anything other than the running time and my heart rate. The distance/pace showed 0.00 the entire time. Thanks watch.

Buddy and I spent some time working on his fetch game this afternoon.

He still prefers keep away to fetch.

Only a few days left to enter my hemp hearts giveaway - get over there and click on some things!

Monday, November 2, 2015

New Sponges and Other (Not)Exciting Things

Today was one of those days where I was so productive I wonder what on earth I do with my time normally. It helps that I don't teach classes on Mondays right now, so I did have the entire day to get things done.

I spent some time in the morning putting together email lists for work stuff. I felt like I was back at my old life, entering blood donation records for the Red Cross. Type a bit, flip a paper over, type some more, click a few things. I don't miss that job. I also don't miss my basement cubicle life. I do miss working with Tiny and seeing her everyday though.

I tackled the dishes, which somehow ended up being almost all of the plates we have out (the kitchen is going to be gutted, so we still haven't unpacked) despite the fact that I'm pretty sure I washed them yesterday.

My reward was throwing out the old kitchen sponge for a shiny new one. Being an adult is lame sometimes.

Buddy and I went for a 3 mile run around the neighborhood. He went out way too fast and we had some serious positive splits going on. He had a blast though. I have built in running with Buddy days on my "not training for anything" training plan, so he will get out and about more often.

An added bonus of taking him running is that his nails aren't quite so lethal from running on the pavement. This is good because I can usually only get one nail clipped before he completely loses his mind and starts playing keep away.

When I got home I hit the mat for day 15 of my (self-imposed) 30 day yoga challenge. I don't want to speak too soon, but I have been enjoying taking a bit of time to slow down and do a little yoga. I'm definitely noticing some increased flexibility.

I'm not a fan of how early it gets dark now. Seriously, the sun is setting before 5 o clock! Not cool.

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