Thursday, November 5, 2015

New Yoga Gear and House Updates

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This is super weird for me, but I am still liking yoga!

I actually bought myself a new yoga mat (my old one was from college...they last decades, right?), block and strap the other day.

I'm still going strong with my 30 day challenge,  I did day 18 this afternoon. But then I wanted a little more, and I found another video that looked interesting. It turned out to be part of another 30 day challenge. I'm not planning on doing both at the same time, but I may do extra videos here and there.

Runner friends: ignore the 30 day challenge part of this video (or don't) - it's a really great hip-opening sequence. Holy cow my hips are tight!

I was a little disturbed when I got my Women's Running magazine today. This gorgeous woman is apparently a "plus sized" model.

I'm sorry, what?

And in house news: the windows are here! They're getting put in this weekend, which is pretty exciting. The electrician is coming next week, and we're working on getting a plumber so the new bathrooms will have exciting things like running water.

I have plans to turn the area by the attic windows into my yoga area. It has an amazing view!

Oh, and the patio was poured last week - no more cooking on the grill on the front porch! Now we cook on the grill on the patio! :) One of these days we'll do something about our lack of a kitchen. One thing at a time.

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