Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Running Happier and Cute Christmas Cards

As much as my watch not working is a pain in the butt, it has given me a chance to worry less about my pace, and focus on enjoying myself. The cooler fall weather (and not having a race to train for) has really helped me like running again. I didn't realize how much marathon training was burning me out on running until it was over.

Lately I have either been running with Buddy, or listening to an audiobook while I run. Buddy can only do about 3 miles, so he has to stay home whenever I'm going longer than that. Apparently he was very upset that I went running without him today. Tom told me that he cried at the door for about 20 minutes after I left. I guess he's been enjoying our runs!

I chased him around the yard for a bit after I got home, so I think he forgave me. Plus he got some couch time with Tom this afternoon.

I have the cutest Christmas cards (already) this year! My friend/college roommate Kate makes some of the cutest artwork ever, and when I saw these - I had to have them. How cute is that goat?

I also got gift tags with the same adorable prints.

Kate has everything from cards and notebooks to coloring books and buttons. Check out her Etsy Shop: HERE!

My watch is getting ready to go on a trip to the repair shop. It's either going to get fixed or replaced.

Hopefully it comes home soon!


  1. Those cards are so cute!! I'm checking out her shop now. Buddy never ceases to crack me up.

    1. Isn't her shop adorable? Buddy is a nut - he makes me laugh pretty much every day.


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