Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Super Photogenic

I lost my thumb ring this afternoon. I keep going to fidget with it and it isn't there. It's not like it was anything fancy, it was just a thin silver band. I think it was about $3 from the Portland Saturday Market - many years ago - but I'm used to it being there. Lame.

I started listening to Mockingjay on audiobook for my longer runs lately. I've read the book before, but I wanted something I knew I would enjoy. Only now I'm too into it and have started listening to it in the car and while doing dishes too. It's not going to last much longer.

This is Buddy's face when I ask him if he wants to go for a run. His posture is never so good as when he wants something.

We took our break at the park, and he refused to participate in my attempts at taking a picture with him. This was the best of the bunch, and my eye is closed. We're super photogenic.

And this one shows his level of interest in taking pictures.

Tomorrow is my Friday since the places I normally teach at are closed on Thursday and Friday this week. We (mostly Tom) are in charge of making cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. We can't really make anything else with our limited kitchen situation.

Are you hosting Thanksgiving? Traveling? What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish? I'm not good with favorites, I love most food. If I had to narrow it down I would say mashed potatoes and gravy...and stuffing...and pie... 

Any good audiobook recommendations? This one will not last much longer.


  1. You guys are SO photogenic! I am hosting 23 and it's pretty much chaos here already.

    1. 23? You're braver than I am! Hope you can delegate a bit!

  2. Yay for MID WEEK FRIDAY! ha ha! Tomorrow I travel to NM with manfriend to meet up with my dad and the family dogs! We shall see how THIS weekend goes! HA HA AH! Lots of eating, that's all I really know!

    1. Lots of eating is the goal of the holiday! :)


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