Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Best of Both Worlds

One of the preschoolers I teach has decided that my name is Miss Betty. I tried correcting her the first few times, but have since given up.

Miss Betty at your service.

Buddy is a ridiculously good dog when it comes to food.

That chewy box behind his bed is his food, there's another bag of food behind it, and his new favorite bone on top. He leaves all of it alone, even when we're not home.

I did pretty much all of my marathon training without my iPod. People in our neighborhood drive like maniacs (even though the speed limit is 30mph) and I like to be able to hear if they're coming. Since my runs lately have been a little depressing, I decided to see if having some music would keep my mind busy so I could actually get more than a few miles in. The music definitely helped (I only had one headphone in so I could still hear cars) and I got a pretty good 5 miles in.

I used to tell my running friends that I wasn't happy until mile 4. Maybe I just haven't been running long enough lately.

I'm loving the new Pro Marathon Elite socks that Tom bought me for my birthday! They're the best of both worlds, cushy on the feet and tight on my calves. 

It was WARM and I ran in shorts and a tank top - what is happening November?

My TomTom decided I didn't nee to worry about my pace and refused to track anything other than the running time and my heart rate. The distance/pace showed 0.00 the entire time. Thanks watch.

Buddy and I spent some time working on his fetch game this afternoon.

He still prefers keep away to fetch.

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  1. Such restraint! What a good boy! It's been a crazy awesome November weather-wise. I wonder if we'll pay for that this winter?

    1. Oh I'm completely suspicious of the weather - who knows what's coming!


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