Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Buddy The Running Dog

Have you seen my motivation anywhere? I seem to have lost it.

The last couple of days I have just NOT been feeling my runs/workouts for some reason. I have mostly been getting some decent workouts in, but I just don't want to.

I took a total rest day yesterday, and was well on my way to saying goodbye to today's run too when I saw this face:

Ooooookay, fine.

We hit the road and ended up having a nice, if slow, run. Buddy was doing really well, and every time I tried to let him take a walk break he would just keep running. He hit a new distance today - 4 miles!

He's a little tired now.

A kiddo in one of my classes gave me chocolate covered pretzels and holiday scented hand sanitizer today. Sweet.

I sent most of my Christmas presents off in the mail today. The woman at the post office was not very friendly (there's a guy who works there who is much nicer), but the end result was the same.

Oh, and if you need/want anything from PRO Compression, they're having their year end sale right now - 42% off (and free shipping!) with code: YEAREND

The code is good until the 31st - go get some socks!


  1. I have definitely not ran into your motivation. Mine seems to be focused on work and Christmas shopping and I am starting to already feel "thick"! Ahhh, May I please have more hours in the day? That would be super wonderful! Buddy is adorable and obviously great inspiration for you to get out that door! Good job Buddy!! She'll thank you for it later!!!

    1. Right? It's crazy how quickly I start to feel out of shape. Buddy is great motivation, it's hard to tell that sweet face no!


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